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Dotty triangle corners – a Year 1 Investigation

In this investigation, children use trial and improvement to find different ways of making a given total by adding three small numbers.  They apply prior learning to recognise pairs of numbers that make 3, 4 and 5, before the investigation is extended to totals of 6 and 7.  They are directed to look for patterns in the numbers of possibilities and will begin to make predictions about the next number in a sequence.

As well as successfully finding a range of ways to arrange 5 counters, this learner shows good evidence that he understands how to record an addition calculation.

He has not found all possibilities, yet, for the arrangement of 5 counters and might be shown, at this point, how to systematically work through the possibilities, perhaps simplifying the task by going back to the possible arrangements for 3 counters, e.g. largest number first: 3+0+0, 2+1+0, 1+1+1.

Download the Dotty Triangles Investigation.

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